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Month: November, 2013

Workplace Bullying Insights

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Ugh. I went to bed two days ago with what felt like a painful bump on my left eyelid, and it has grown to larger proportions.  I do not know if it is the result of something I ate, or perhaps all the stress that I have been trying to hold within me.  Either way the majority of my medical ailments seem to come out in the form of skin problems, and with a final exam exam coming up on Tuesday I need to feel alive, and not worn down like I am now.  

I am really enjoying my new job, but 3 weeks is probably much too early to draw any real conclusions about whether this is a career path I truly want to pursue.  I am keeping my options open, although school is starting to feel like more of a burden than opportunity like it first felt…

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Ten years ago, I would not have predicted that I would today be at Kuala Lumpur international at 4am, waiting on a connecting flight to Hong Kong.

Possibilities are everywhere– people sometimes criticise me for lack of planning, but when your life choices still lead me to progressively more interesting and overall better situations, why would I? Planning, I should point out, can also mean different things for different people.  Do I have a solid 10 year plan today ? Not as specific as some people. I don’t even know where [CM] and I will be living in a year from now.

But some people need to plan less and start doing, otherwise the future will always be too far away.

It is a spectrum of course. Some people need to plan more, so  people need to plan less. Some people need to think more forward while others should learn from history.

For me, this is all about taking charge for getting what I want.

Focused on Fiction: Five Storytelling Tips

Barely disguised versions of my own life… Used to run into this problem a lot when I was writing


I just realised that I’m clearly right handed. Right now, my injuries are: right shoulder , right knee , right shin and right ankle.

When I wake up in the morning, my shin is often throbbing when I stand up as the blood pressure increases from being vertical.

My Physio thinks that my month “off” working in Hong Kong might be good for me… Assuming corporate law is less physically demanding than judo.

Stopping emissions will not stop the warming of our planet

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Facts of the pollution level today

Record carbon emissions have lifted the Earth’s temperature about 0.8 degrees Celsius since the industrial revolution, and the planet is on a path to exceed the UN-endorsed maximum of 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) of warming by 2100. As a result, sea levels are rising, oceans are acidifying and glaciers and sea ice are melting. Scientists predict more freak weather, droughts and stronger storms.

Humans have already emitted more than half the greenhouse gases compatible with a 2-degree increase, UN scientists said Sept. 27. The implication of that is many fossil-fuel reserves need to remain unburned if the temperature goal is to be met.

“The coal lobby cast a shadow over the negotiations,”

said Jennifer Morgan, director of the climate and energy program, at the World Resources Institute.

“It’s increasingly clear that unabated coal use is inconsistent with the goal…

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Since I don’t have any elastic bandages, a sock with an old belt tied over it will have to do.   It’s been a while since I posted– things have been pretty busy and eventful lately.

The reason why my shin is wrapped up is that about a month ago, during the in-house judo tournament at the university, I took a big kick in the shin that was pretty damn painful.  [CM] guesses that the bone was probably badly bruised, although really, it could have been as bad as a hairline fracture or something along the shin.  Not really sure, because I didn’t have it checked out by x-ray or anything.

In any case it wasn’t a huge deal, just required some time off while it knit itself back together.

2 weeks after that (about one week ago today) it was mostly back in order, but then while doing regular technique training, someone essentially stomped my shin while trying a leg reaping techniqe.  It hurt like hell and I just didn’t get up from the ground after that throw.

It was okay for a while but then as the session proceeded, I found that my shin was starting to hurt just from me breaking my fall.

Long story short, if it wasn’t broken the first time I innured it during the compettiion, it must’ve been broken when it took a direct stomp those weeks afterwards.

I’m just taking it easy now– it’s rather troublesome that my shin is out of comission considering I just finished my last exam for the semester a couple of days ago, and this is normally the free time that would be best used to go to more judo classes.  But well… injuries are injuries, and I’d rather like to extend my amateur sporting career as long as possible.

My shin bone isn’t broken into two pieces or anything like that– but I’m sure that there’s something chipped or hairline cracked.

The swelling has gone down now so that my shin more or less looks normal. And, taking a shower (and running water on it) no longer causes lightning to scatter across my vision.  So… you know… one day at a time…!


Heavy sandbag

This morning I spent a bit of time playing Pokemon mini games.

While the facebook wall is rolling along with the bitter  lamentations of people trying to learn Federal Constitutional law before the 1:45pm exam, I make the pokemon stronger, faster, and harder.

I’ll just come out and say it: all the people who didn’t do the homework during the semester who are now in a cram panic?

Your suffering gives me great joy. 

I hope you choke on your stress.

I may not get the best mark in class, but I will get the mark I deserve, and I will be happy with that. 


Although mobile data rates are significantly cheaper in Sydney than Montreal, connection quality is still pretty shit. I can’t maintain enough of a connection to use mobile data while riding a bus. But I guess at 5 cents per megabyte prepaid, I shouldn’t complain.


I saw the trailer for the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past movie.


Potentially spoilers ahead, so don’t read if you don’t want to.


“Days of Future Past” was a story arc of the X-Men comics which I actually owned– I can’t remember when it dates back to, but it’s probably around 20 years old, because I owned that comic as a really young kid. First difference– it looks like another Wolverine movie with “other X-men” buzzing around in the background.  In the Days of Future Past Comics, Wolverine actually isn’t all that important– in fact, he gets roasted by a Sentinel (and his skeleton makes up back cover of the compilation).  The main character is more Sprite (Kitty Pride aka Shadowcat) But well, I can forgive the differences because all I have to do is just see the movie another chapter of X-Men storytelling– just ignore the title.

I’m not someone who often says things “the book was better than the movie” but I do feel that a movie version can miss the chance to bring out a lot of potential.  The difference is in the medium itself.  A book builds the idea in your imagination through the craft of the writing– metaphors and similes and all that kind of stuff that helps you build the idea in your head.  How you imagine a book playing out is probably very different from how the next person imagines it.


And that might be the limitation of the big screen– that this is just one interpretation of what’s written, which a given member of the audience might not agree with if he’s read the original.  I wouldn’t say that a movie is better than a book because in most cases, that’s like saying that one interpretation is better than the other– and that’s just opinion.


Nonetheless, there are a lot of things that do get glossed over because of the technical limitations of a medium, or rather, the expectations that we have of a medium.


For example: take a Batman or Wolverine movie, and compare their characters to comic books.  Camera angles for a movie can give you a lot of the same presentations as frames in a comic book– and especially in the case of Batman, music can make things pretty awesome.  But the actors are real-world people.   They’re not capable of moving in the ways that they do in comic books.

Batman doesn’t do cartwheels while throwing Batarangs.  In fact, essentially every actor who has ever played Batman seems totally incapable of throwing any convincing kicks.  This is all probably complicated by the fact that in the comics, Batman’s cape is always angled to display the kicking motion properly– in real life, kicking with a cape is really hard to make look cool because the cape will almost always look limp.


Wolverine?  Hugh Jackman is simply too tall and has too much correct posture.  Comic book wolverine is almost always hunched over, low to the ground like … well, a wolverine.  The best that movie Wolverine usually does is keep his head pointed down and look upwards at the camera.  But it probably wouldn’t look all that great for a pretty boy like Jackman to be hunched over all the time.  That’s the sort details in direction or acting though that will keep an X-men movie from going into the real accolades of character acting.


I remember thinking, back in college when I first played Marvel versus Capcom: Holy crap.  The way that Spider-man moves? Even the way that Venom crawls about?  This videogame was the first time I’d seen a lot of these Marvel characters move, and they were moving just how I imagined it.


But I guess that’s the difference between comic books, books and videogames, and the limitations of reality (and actors).