As strange as it seems, the way that a country’s economy works is actually largely based on “believing” in people. You hear about how the market is always crushing dreams and giving people a hard time– these are facts of life as well, yes? But it is also a fact that, as soon as you take out a car loan or a home loan, you are at that time probably  “trading insolvent”. In other words, if you had to pay back all  the money you owed at that very moment, you probably wouldn’t be able to.

I don’t really know the economics vocabulary, but the end result is that at some point, from the economy’s point of view, you have a negative dollar value on your head– which means that technically, you are worth less than a homeless person on the street.

Yet because the economy is banking on your ability to repay that loan and overcome that debt, it is making a statement about your potential. Which is weird, in a way. Because you are being believed in by something which is, in a way, alive, but which has no face.