dal niente

Month: April, 2016

Roof = time and money?

Time has a funny relationship with money. Money in the Western world is especially bizarre¬† as a concept. I live quite comfortably, but the interesting thing about it when you consider it is that I have a negative balance. I’m in debt. I owe money to my parents and to the Canadian government. I regularly put purchases on my credit card. CM owes money to her parents as well. But the strange thing about it?


There can be homeless people on the street who have, in actuality, probably less than a hundred bucks to their names– but they have, technically speaking, more money than me. And, it seems, more time than me.


But the world keeps on turning, because by some twist of economics and math, credit is apparently good for world markets to keep on working. You might say that, while I am not rich (far from it) I just don’t have any money problems, because the system is willing to float me while we pay back our parental debts. Lucky us. It also turns out that a lot of social services only work if you have a home address (which homeless people don’t have).

I like to think that I’m a self made man– but the fact of the matter is that I was born with a roof over my head, and that made a shitload of difference.


Weigh in

Good progress– I’m down to 35.9kg, and a 34″ waist.

Dissapointing behaviour

Aside from the handful of students who got zero flat out for being late or not handing anything in, I just awarded 11.1% as a final grade on a paper to someone who just wrote crap.


It’ s tough part of the job to award points in these situations.¬†There are, undoubtedly, circumstances leading to this poor work– but it is a tough part of the job to slog through pages and pages of bullshit just to scrape together what points they have earned.