by Jinryu


Since I don’t have any elastic bandages, a sock with an old belt tied over it will have to do.   It’s been a while since I posted– things have been pretty busy and eventful lately.

The reason why my shin is wrapped up is that about a month ago, during the in-house judo tournament at the university, I took a big kick in the shin that was pretty damn painful.  [CM] guesses that the bone was probably badly bruised, although really, it could have been as bad as a hairline fracture or something along the shin.  Not really sure, because I didn’t have it checked out by x-ray or anything.

In any case it wasn’t a huge deal, just required some time off while it knit itself back together.

2 weeks after that (about one week ago today) it was mostly back in order, but then while doing regular technique training, someone essentially stomped my shin while trying a leg reaping techniqe.  It hurt like hell and I just didn’t get up from the ground after that throw.

It was okay for a while but then as the session proceeded, I found that my shin was starting to hurt just from me breaking my fall.

Long story short, if it wasn’t broken the first time I innured it during the compettiion, it must’ve been broken when it took a direct stomp those weeks afterwards.

I’m just taking it easy now– it’s rather troublesome that my shin is out of comission considering I just finished my last exam for the semester a couple of days ago, and this is normally the free time that would be best used to go to more judo classes.  But well… injuries are injuries, and I’d rather like to extend my amateur sporting career as long as possible.

My shin bone isn’t broken into two pieces or anything like that– but I’m sure that there’s something chipped or hairline cracked.

The swelling has gone down now so that my shin more or less looks normal. And, taking a shower (and running water on it) no longer causes lightning to scatter across my vision.  So… you know… one day at a time…!