dal niente

Month: May, 2015


At Sydney (Kingsford Smith) International Airport, waiting for a flight back to Canada. Delayed by an hour so far. Which will be problematic, because that might mean that I miss my connecting flight.

I’m in the sort of situation where I don’t really care about the waiting in itself, but I’d rather wait on the plan in my seat than here in the airport– at least I could get to sleep. I’m exhausted, having only taken in about 3 hours last night to get up early to be here.


This will be my first time back to Montreal in over 2  years. A lot has changed since then… two of my cousins have been engaged, another has been married. My grandmother passed away while I was here.

Friends moved– roommates split up, found new roommates, got new boyfriends and girlfriends. Some of them got pets. Many of them got new jobs.

I’m now an Australian permanent resident.

I’m not going to be in Montreal for a long time, but I’ll try and catch up with as many people as I can.

And it will be strange how as we catch up, we realise that who we think we are has been suspended in time since the last times we talked.

Plugged back in

Almost a month after initiating the move from my old apartment to this new one, I finally have home access to internet.

I suppose I did have it on my cellphone, but data costs being what they are, it’s usually prohibitive to use too much of.

Did live change while I was off the net? Not too much I suppose– the bare essentials, such as email and messenger apps were never really far away thanks to my smartphone. Yet it was strange not being able to watch ‘television’ (and by that, I mean the ability to stream video, since I don’t actually subscribe to any cable or statelite television).


Given that mobile data nowadays is a lot cheaper than it used to be, I’m still a bit unimpressed how so many apps rely on so heavily on a live data feed to work. There are a lot of applications that should simply use mobile-data to refresh downloaded data if necessary, but which should still work on offline (previously wifi-downloaded) data. The market doesn’t seem to really care though… it’s driving towards faster mobile data (and hopefully cheaper mobile data), rather than implementing technologies to efficiently make use of wifi.

The fact that Google Newstand, even though being a descendant of timeless RSS technologies, still can’t get offline working right all the time is disappointing. Same goes for the voice-recognition capabilities of Google Now, which are essential for an Android Wear device– if you don’t have a strong internet connection, your android watch basically understands about as much English as a livestrong bracelet.

Why the push for reliance on mobile data, when mobile data is in so many ways unnecessary?

Mayweather vs Pacquiao

…was pretty much what I expected it to be.