by Jinryu


Ten years ago, I would not have predicted that I would today be at Kuala Lumpur international at 4am, waiting on a connecting flight to Hong Kong.

Possibilities are everywhere– people sometimes criticise me for lack of planning, but when your life choices still lead me to progressively more interesting and overall better situations, why would I? Planning, I should point out, can also mean different things for different people.  Do I have a solid 10 year plan today ? Not as specific as some people. I don’t even know where [CM] and I will be living in a year from now.

But some people need to plan less and start doing, otherwise the future will always be too far away.

It is a spectrum of course. Some people need to plan more, so  people need to plan less. Some people need to think more forward while others should learn from history.

For me, this is all about taking charge for getting what I want.