Workplace Bullying Insights

by Jinryu

lilsquirrel4ever Version 2.0

Ugh. I went to bed two days ago with what felt like a painful bump on my left eyelid, and it has grown to larger proportions.  I do not know if it is the result of something I ate, or perhaps all the stress that I have been trying to hold within me.  Either way the majority of my medical ailments seem to come out in the form of skin problems, and with a final exam exam coming up on Tuesday I need to feel alive, and not worn down like I am now.  

I am really enjoying my new job, but 3 weeks is probably much too early to draw any real conclusions about whether this is a career path I truly want to pursue.  I am keeping my options open, although school is starting to feel like more of a burden than opportunity like it first felt…

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