by Jinryu

Last wednesday, my phone starting ringing at about 10AM at work. It was a call from one of my cousins from Ontario– which was out of the ordinary. I took the call outside of the office, and discovered that it was indeed my cousin, but she was in Monteral, with all of the family.


I knew that the funderal was going on at some point on Wednesday in Montreal, but when  you factor in the 14 hour time difference, and how my family isn’t the greatest at using instant messaging, things just get confusing.

We had a short video chat, where I saw everyone in the family.

They were all at Auntie [SH]’s house, which I thought was wierd.Mostly because my mom said “We’re all at Auntie SH’s house.” You’d only know that was weird beacuse up until that moment, for as long as I can remember, that house was alwasy refered to as “Gramma’s house” or “Grampa’s house.”

I’m not sure what I was expecting from the video call– but to my surprise, everyone was in pretty good spirits. People were smiling and generally seemed energetic, like any other family reunion we might have in a year. I was, frankly, taken a bit aback.

I had lunch with [BM] the other day, and I feel a bit selfish because I was probably talking her ear off. I pretty much have come to terms about Grampa’s passing at this point. But it’s just a bit strange to be away for the whole experience due to the time lag and the bottleneck of information that comes to me from overseas.