Back to work

[CM] and I have been back to work for a bit over a week now– the time off after the weddings was much needed, and was really great for just resting.



We did a cruise from Quebec City to New York, New York. Many people ask me if cruises are boring– depends on which cruise I suppose. The particular route we were doing had a different destination every day across the Canadian Maritimes and the American east coast, so no, we didn’t really get bored. We ate lobster almost everyday (it’s rather uncommon here in Australia)..


While we were in NY, we looked up a former Xangan, [VisualNoise]. That was really something– we’ve never met him in person before, but he took us out to dinner and dessert.


For those of you who don’t know, a long time ago, I used to blog on Xanga. Xanga has since died as a service, under very suspicious circumstances that basically summarise as “they sold a product that was for lifetime services, and then shortly afterwards, ran with the money”. No amount of hypothesis at this point is open to suggesting that the Xanga owners are anything other than incompetent, or crooks, or both– and I can actually say that, given the community that used to exist there, I hate the operators of Xanga for the way they treated the community.

That’s another story though.

I’ve been reading VisualNoise’s blog on Xanga for as long as I can remember– it’s been around for over a decade (maybe even over two decades at this point, I’m not sure). When all you have of someone is what you read, and all that you read is what they’ve written, you get a particular image of someone in your head. And then you meet them in person, and you can see all those connections between who you imagined and who they are, as well as the differences.

It’s not a good or bad thing– it’s just an interesting experience.

VisualNoise was a great host and really was doing his best to recommend all the best sights and eats that we could cram into our one remaining night and morning in the city. We got to do things and go places we wouldn’t have been able to figure out on our own, that’s for sure. Locals are the way¬†to see cities where otherwise things get lost in the wash.

It’s just kind of cool to meet someone out of the blog. It’s almost like meeting a character in a book in real life.