It’s been an absolutely crazy couple of weeks.


Yesterday was our Canadian wedding. It was actually pretty good– [CM] was starting to crack a bit at the church wedding, as she wasn’t raised Catholic and expressed strong reservations from the beginning. But by the end of the night at the reception, after having the chance to catch up with lots of family and friends, she was having a good time I think.


I don’t often dance– pretty much only at weddings– but it was fun to join in with people here and there and just party for a bit.


Everyone was so happy for us. They said many kind things to us and of us, and it was all quite touching. [Zanshin] was the best man, and gave a best man’s speech mostly about our times in Korea.

My mom even gave a speech. This was totally unexpected. It was pretty touching as well, considering all the nice things she said and what I put her and dad through when I was young and rebellious.

Everything was all quite nostalgic. I got to catch up with friends from my old apartment, when I was still living with room mates– times have changed for all of us, but when we meet up at situations like this, it’s nice to know we just pick up where we left off.