The cavalry is on its way

by Jinryu

On Friday, [CM]’s parents are arriving from Asia. On Saturday, my parents are arriving from North America. On Sunday, my sister is arriving.


That’s good because there’s a shit ton of things to do before the wedding!




I’m ultra busy this week. I have to grade a gazillion papers, plus I’m teaching twice as many classes for this week and next week in exchange for someone replacing me whyile I’m on my honeymoon. It’s busy.

I don’t really remember many times in my life when I’ve had free time. Nobody would say that this was one of those times though.




Working at the [Firm] has gotten better. As I mentioned, [Bucky] left to work for another company, so I finally got that raise I always wanted, and I’m now working on more legal stuff (as opposed to IT). It’s a good change of pace because I actually feel like a lawyer at work now, and it gives me a bit more confidence in my career path generally.


As part of the new home we purchased a few months ago, we have a huge 6m x 6m garage, which is slowly but surely being converted into what CM calls my “man cave”. It’s sorta like a batcave, except that I am not Batman.

I’ve been putting shelving along the walls so that I can store more and more things vertically. It also has a hanging punching bag on a stand, as well as a home gym set which I am in the process of assembling. In my free time. Wherever that is.


I’ve been practicing my first dance with CM for the wedding. I am totally not cut out for this, but I can still learn it to the best of my ability.

It’s interesting that in judo, the whole purpose of footwork is to put your partner off balance and make them fall over. I’m told that dancing is a bit different.