Old Habits

by Jinryu

So much news since I last wrote.


[CM] and I bought a house. It’s nice. The cats love it.

It is a bit difficult at times because, as a habit, we usually try and locate each of our cats before leaving home. With a whole townhouse though, there are a hundred places they could be hiding, so sometimes that takes a fair amount of time.

First world problems.


The Sydney wedding is coming up– one month from today actually. We have family coming in from all over the place, and [Zanshin] is even flying in from Montreal.

The Montreal wedding is going to be a few days later. Yes, we are flying to Montreal for a second wedding, just days after our Sydney wedding.

It’s going to be a crazy and very tiring process, but we do want to be able to reach the people who can’t make it to Sydney.


CM has been filling out applications for Basic Physicians Training, which is what you need to do progress to the next stage of being a medical doctor in Australia. She’s stressed out about the whole process– she has 3 interviews, but they’re not her 1st or 2nd choice hospitals. It’s a bit tough because, frankly, there’s only so much I can do in these situations.


[Bucky] resigned from her solicitor’s role at the firm about a month ago, and it’s really becoming apparent now that the adult world involves a lot of work. If you want numbers, I guess you could say I’m doing about double the legal work I used to do before she quit.

It hasn’t been easy. I’ve been regularly working from 8AM until about 7PM, and this has been happening for about a week and a half now. Throughout the day, this isn’t easy work either– it’s ground level documents drafting that takes a hella lot of processing power. By the time I am done work, I’m absolutely exhausted.

Cracks are starting to show. I am, frankly, overworked, and I’m starting to make mistakes and the quality of my work is dropping. Not much I can do about that though except weather the storm.


My leg is better now, but I’m not in condition to be training. I haven’t done judo in about 3 months now.


I’m teaching criminal justice again at a university law school– one day per week that I’m not at the law firm, I teach 2nd semester law students. It’s probably the most fun I have in a week, because working with the next generation just puts me a bit more at ease. The hours and the pay are good as well.