by Jinryu

Overall, things are going well, and things are getting better, but there are select areas where things could be better.

I’m injured– again.

This time a bit more seriously than usual. I was at judo about a month ago doing groundwork with someone who was about 40kg heavier than me. I tried to turn him over by taking his weight forward and on my right leg. If you want to see what I was doing, youtube “butterfly turnover” and that’ll pretty much demonstrate it.

Anyway, I’m doing the move, and then suddenly, I hear a very bad sound. It’s hard to describe– somewhere between a crunch and a rip– and next thing I know, I’ve just completely flopped on my side and I can’t move my leg.

One visit to the GP later, and one ultrasound later, and another appointment to review later, and the dianosis is a “major partial tear to the adductor longus”. If you saw the ultrasound, it’s pretty apparent.

Although I can walk unassisted now, when I was first injured, it was the first time in my life I’ve ever had to use crutches.

I can walk without a cane now, but I can’t sit up without some clever maneuvering, and running is impossible. Coughing or sneezing sends white pain through my whole body, to the point where I just kind of hunch over paralysed for a few seconds.

I’ve only now regained the ability to drive (I drive a manual car).

I started doing martial arts in late high school– it’s been over 15 years now. Even on the off times when I wasn’t doing a martial art, I was always playing badminton.


Not having an activity to go to is a real challenge for me.