Even free money is stressful

by Jinryu

You’d think it was as easy as buying anything else, except that it’s just more expensive. Not exactly true. Getting a loan is a lot of paperwork, and timing is important– if you don’t get it all sorted before settlement date, you could lose your deposit.

[CM]’s parents are helping us with the purchase, which is loads nice of them– but it’s mentally very difficult for me to deal with managing such a huge hand-out. I’ve always figured that I would work my way up and get everything I owned– to be lent so much money by a bank and by CM’s parents is actually pretty stressful to my nature.

If that sounds complicated, the basic gist of it is that if you don’t get your shit together in a limited amount of time, you lose tens of thousands of dollars. For nothing!


Money works in weird ways.


I am happy to be moving into a proper house that we will own though– that cats will love what we build for them.