Grab Bag

by Jinryu

…because I’m normally so tired that I don’t find the time to write anymore.


Yes, [CM] and I are now homeowners! After 6 months of looking for a 3 bedroom apartment near the CBD (translator’s note– CBD stands for “Central Business District”, which is pretty much Aussie for “Downtown”) and finding nothing selling for less than $1.5 million dollars (who has a million dollars??) we changed things up, and went for a 2-bedroom in the suburbs, but next to a train station.

Our new place is going to be great. It’s pretty much all we could hope for in a first home, and we’re really stoked about moving in in about a month.

Still have 9 left

Someone in judo, a yellow belt, tried to break my thumb off the other day. That’s pretty much about as illegal a move as you can do. I wouldn’t say he did it maliciously, he was just ignorant of the fact that that is actually dangerous and not legitimately a thing. Pretty sure it’s sprained rather badly– I can’t even hold a glass of water up with this hand.


…is getting interesting, now that it’s my second semester into it. I’ve learned to be way more efficient with grading by taking advantage of technology– my comments to students, especially in first year law classes, are often always about the same things, so having quick templates and comments that I can drag and drop have really sped things up.

I’ve also been offered to tutor six student groups next semester– which is kinda extreme. Last semester I did 4, this semester I’m doing 3, so no matter how you look at it, next semester means more. Not that I’m complaining though. With the weddings coming up, and the mortgage, extra money is always good.



…is going well, but it’s not advancing nearly as quickly as I had hoped it would. The real downside of working for a small firm is that I’m getting to caught up in the operational side of things, like doing moderate IT work. I don’t really want to do that kind of stuff– I’m a licensed lawyer who is in my thirties. I don’t have time to waste on operational day-to-day bullshit, I need to be working on cases and immersing myself in legal work.

I’m considering looking at other firms to work at in October, when I get back from my trip to Montreal.


Playing Dark Souls 3…

… makes it easier to grind at some of the more boring parts of life. There’s nothing like gathering 60k souls, and then losing them all in one go. It teaches humility and how to manage your expectations in real meatspace.