Weigh in

by Jinryu

It’s now the beginning of May.

I am pleased to report that I have dropped my weight down to 76kgs, and I now fit my size 32 pants (although a measurement around my belly button is still about 35).

It’s not all the way what I hoped to achieve, because I had hoped to drop to a steady 75– however, I do feel that I am still eating quite a bit leisurely. I think that’s worth the 1kg. If I do need to compete at 72kgs, I’m pretty confident that it should be pretty easily doable with about 2 weeks of weight control.

That being said, obviously, weight (and even a belly button horizontal circumferance) are not actually super accurate indicators of anything– keep in mind that my goal was to fit better into my wedding suit!

Overal though, I think the takeaway benefit is that I’m in much better health than december and january (when I was recovering from a moderate back injury). I’m now doing judo about twice per week again at least, and my level of fitness is at my standard semi-serious level.

The time off has been good to me. Most of the niggling joint pains have since gone away. I’ve also learned some new techniques– rather than relying on big power throws (which my back could not support), I’ve gotten better at foot sweeps and off-balancing my opponents.

There’s always something to learn!