Two cats are better than one

by Jinryu

We have a second cat now, so that increases the non-human population of our family to 2 (if you count human and cats, then it’s 4 total).

It’s interesting to see how their personalities are so different. [CM] has taken on the code name of “Cat One”, because both of the (literal) cats follow her everywhere. Our eldest cat, who is now a year and spare change old, is nicknamed [CatTwo], while the youngest, who is only about 4 months old, is [CatThree].


CatTwo is at that adolsecent stage of life where she’s too cool for school. She doesn’t come up to me for snuggles anymore, and if I squat down, she doesn’t brush up against me and demand that I rub her head. It might have something to do with the fact that CatThree is never far behind, and tends to spoil any private time CatTwo might have gotten with flying headbutts. I think in general, CatTwo is experiencing some growing pains at the fact that she has to share everything in the apartment with CatThree, where previously all things as far as eyes could see were her lands. Yeah, I think that’s about the jist of it.