by Jinryu

It is true that, fundamentally, males and females are biologically different. I’m not talking about this stereotype that ‘men are stronger than women’, because, frankly, as a martial artist, I know plenty of strong women. As an ordinary member of society, I also know a hella lot of weak men.

What I do acknowledge is that women physically are the sex capable of bearing and nursing children. Anything else? Mostly social social reinforcement. The cultural acceptance of associating a ‘motherly instinct’ with women, as somehow special from a genderless  ‘parental instinct’, is just that– cultural acceptance, backed up by a lot of reinforcement.

Yes, there is research that says maternal instinct is a ‘thing’ because of the way men and women ‘think differently’. I don’t really think that default positions really get in the way of practice if we try though.

So why is it such a bad thing for a dad to stay at home and take care of the children?

Why is it such a bad thing for women to get the same pay as men?