Happy New Year!

by Jinryu

Happy New Year everyone!

2015 marked a number of changes for [CM] and I. We watched the Sydney New Years Eve event on television (SydNYE), and it was pretty freaking epic.

Our family size has doubled. 

We got our first cat [RD1] in January of 2015, and our second one [RD2] just weeks ago. It was touch and go for a moment, because RD1 was the queen of the castle and really wasn’t used to sharing. She made herself look a bit silly by being threatened by RD2, who, when I brought him home from the airport for the first time, as barely a third of RD1’s size.

But after a week of carefully managing their interactions, they’re finally getting along. (I should note that for any of you who are thinking of introducing a new cat to an older cat, you should really read up beforehand– otherwise, you will run into more problems than we did, considering that it was so difficult even when we were doing it right).

CM and I both have some security.

As of October 2014, I have held a full time job as a lawyer. I also secured a part time gig on the side teaching law at a university here in Australia.

As of January 2015, CM was offered an intern position at a hospital, where she has been “doctoring” for the past year.

This doesn’t sound like all that much to most people, but considering that we were immigrant students who two years ago were in massive debt, had no stable income, and were in constant fear of our visas expiring (and us getting deported), this is a pretty huge step.

As a child growing up, I always wondered if I’d ever be able to match my parents’ or my grandparents’ “immigrant stories”. Even today, us moving from Canada to Australia is not the same as moving from Asia to Canada, with the differences in language and the racial issues of the time– but we have something big that we’ve survived, and it is now our story to tell.


We’re in good health.

Well, mostly. CM and I are both recovering from our second bout of gastroenteritis in the last two months. And we’ve both suffered a bit of sleep deprivation due to the all sorts of things going on. But nothing too serious. We’re getting better at managing our work life balances, and on the whole, we’re making progress.


We’re married now.

We signed the papers on December 19th. (If you’re an Aussie, then you’d call this 19 December.)

It was a low key event with some select friends and family, but it was nice and simple, and CM was beautiful. We held the event near the water near our apartment.

The real celebrations will be in September 2016 when we hold the formal gatherings for everyone (more like your traditional weddings) in Sydney and Montreal. Lots of planning ahead of us!


The possibilities are all in front of us.

Who knows what is next!

Happy New Year to everyone!!