Law Students

by Jinryu

Although I am a solicitor by trade, it happens to be that the principal solicitor at the firm does some part time teaching at university. In fact, that’s how I got my job– because I was one of her students.

Because she teaches almost every semester, she was really excited to hear that I was being offered a casual teaching position at  a different university. She agreed to give me a day off work per week to teach, which is what I’ve been doing.




I’ve now finished teaching my first semester. The way the subject is arranged is that there is a huge class of about 500+ students that gets a lecture by the course convenor once per week, which is then supplemented by me teaching them in a “tutorial group” of about 30 students for one hour per week. The lecture is for the base theory, whereas the tutorial is meant to be their opportunity to engage with the subject.

Last semester, I was in assigned to 4 tutorial groups, so that means I had about 120 kids under my care.





Retrospect to follow in a later post.