Wedding Planning

by Jinryu

Wedding planning is a full time job. [CM] will be having a small close group of people over for the official signing of the  marriage certificate, which will be 19 December 2015– but the wedding ceremonies in Sydney and Montreal will be held in September 2016.

Why the gap between the actual legal wedding and the ceremonies you might ask? CM’s parents are buddhist– and apparently, the predictions are that 2016 is a “bad year”, so we have to get the signing done now, or wait until 2017.  Apparently, Buddha is a stickler for black letter contract law, and only cares about when we actually put our signatures on paper.


Wedding planning– Well, maybe not a full time job. But at least a part time one. CM, thankfully, is over most of the details, and she can delegate work to me.

I am woefully unqualified to make decisions that require any sort of aesthetic sense (which basically covers everything about a wedding) so my main job is… well, I’m not sure what. But it’s a lot of work in a lot of ways.


But worth it.