Marking Papers

by Jinryu

As I mentioned in a previous post, I now have a “side job” of teaching a at a university.
I teach 4 tuitorial  groups– 30 students each, once a week–  about the criminal justice system in AUstralia.
It is one of their first law classes, so I suppose it could be forgiven when they make some simple mistakes. But I really wonder if we were that bad then when we were first year students as well. A lot of the work just seems carless and unengaged.
I’m not talking so much about the legal though process– I’m talking more about fundamentals, like, making sure your name is on your paper, or that you’re using proper punctuation. They’ve even been given a guide on exactly how to quote their sources and do referencing– there’s basically no reason why they should get things like this wrong because there are ressources that very much specifically spell these things out for them. However, there are still mistakes, and they’re things that could have been easily avoided if only they paid a little bit more attention.

I don’t want to generalise. There are a few students who look like they’ve really put some effor tintot this work.  THey’re going to go far, because simply, they gave a shit. But these  good  students? THey’re probably few and far between.
It makes you really wonder what kids are doing in school– are they (or, just as relevantly, were we) just there to pass the time?