Chinese Garden

by Jinryu

It’s been a long time coming. [CM] and I have been together for a bit under 6 years now.

On August 2nd, I proposed and she said yes.

We went to the restaurant Blacks by ezard in Pyrmont for lunch (near my old media job), then took a ferry to Darlinghurst.

I actually intended to propose at the Sydney Chinese Friendship Garden (look it up on Google) because the pictures of that place look really gorgeous. However, when I told CM that’s where we were going, she refused because the $6 admission was too expensive and she “don’t care about no dumb Chinese gardens; we’re Chinese and we have our own garden!”

Which is technically true. We have some catnip, rosemary, parsley, and a lemon tree.

So the backup plan on the spot was to go to the Sydney Botanical Gardens (near the Sydney Opera House).

Weather was good. First nice park bench I found, we sat down. That would have been great– semi-seculded, perfect view of the water-walk area and the harbour. But there were a trio of Koreans sitting at a nearby bench who were bitching incessantly. I tried to wait them out but for 30 minutes they just kept going at it and so we decided to move.

Found another park bench and proposed.

She was happy. We are happy.