Just as the blow lands

by Jinryu

Just did a bit of counter-interrogation on a telemarketer who was calling me around dinner time. If you turn the tables on them and take them outside of their scripts, turns out many of them can barely speak English. If, for a moment, you refuse to eat the artificiality of their rehearsed script and question what they are literally trying to push on you, and you push back, you can make them feel bad.

Maybe it’s the lawyer in me, but after talking with someone for just 30 seconds, I know enough to, at the very least, piss you off, and more than likely ruin your day. I deal with assholes all day and it’s my job to get them to quiet down and listen.

I realise everyone needs to work for a job, but at the same time, until they find a better job, they’re going to have to put up with people like me having a go at them.

I feel bad every time I do something like that. Every time it happens, I feel like a 15 year old kid is trying to mug me, and I’ve just kicked him in the stomach and told him to fuck off.

What’s going on in my head? I have my pet peeves– calling me after a long day of work specifically because you know I’ll be home to pick it up, specifically because you know that it’s peoples’ personal time when they’re not at work, is offensive to me. It’s offensive because the marketing mechanism being played her is a power imbalance that naturally preys on the too-politeness of the average person to tell a telemarketer to go fuck off. That’s how these charisma-sales are supposed to work anyhow– by either fear mongering or “fear of missing out” mongering, which is actually a form of bullying. It’s as offensive as the 15 year old with the 2-inch swiss army knife he got for Christmas. It’ll probably never work. And once you see through it, and realise that you have the same tools then you realise that you don’t have to be scared, compliant, and receptive in a lot of the situations we are typically bullied into.


But once I’ve taken out my rage on you, I feel guilty, because I am where I am in a system where my hard work coincided with opportunity (which is luck that I had no control over). Some people work hard, and just never get a break.

So they put the Swiss army knife to use. Or they do shitty jobs.

So what’s my proper response supposed to be?