Duds and quitters

by Jinryu

After the global financial crisis, a lot of the news you will hear out there is about how white collar jobs, especially law in Australia, are really hard to come by. Its a really tough market that is slowly recovering, but the polls say that firms are trimming back as consumers are tighter with their wallets and less trusting of men (and possibly women) in suits.

Note that I put the women parentheses, because in my head, I usually associate he GFC with upperclass fat white men.

But on the flip side… There are jobs.  The question is: what are you willing to do for money ?

Our firm is a small one with 2 full time employees, 1 employee who will make the transition to full once she is licensed, and 2 casuals.

Because all of us are law school graduates or lawyers, we like to focus on the legal work of the firm. That means that we don’t make as much time as we could for administrative chores, which are more cost efficiently put on an administrative person.

Things like filing, electronic database management , system backups, sorting our mail, running errands, and occasionally doing some dishes.

We have been through no less than 3 applicants so far. The first person quit after the first day. The other 2 gen y people interviewed, had a think, and quit before starting. Which, actually, is fucking ridiculous.