by Jinryu

Lately, I’ve been making settling into my role as a full time solicitor. Considering that aside from the principal solicitor, I’m the only licensed solicitor here, it comes with its fair share of responsibilities and challenges.

I’m learning a lot, which is always good. I do wish sometimes that it was a more structured learning at times (as opposed to being simply thrown into the deep end), but I’ll take what I can get.


I feel that I’m not so nervous dealing with clients. This is probably natural, because clients know less about the law than I do (otherwise, they wouldn’t be hiring us). However, when it comes to answering questions from other lawyers, it’s a bit nerve wracking because I feel they can always find some angle to ask about that I hadn’t considered, and thus have no idea about.

It’s a bit nerve wracking that the principal also lets me deal almost entirely with certain people on my own, with just a bit of supervision. When it comes to advice, she oversees it quite closely, but for a lot of other things, she largely leaves me to my own devices. I suppose that since the mistakes I made in December 2014, I’ve come a pretty long way and have progressively earned more of her trust.


[Sensei-R] wants me to grade to blue belt, but that means more tournaments. Tournaments are so much work– it’s not even that I’m afraid of attending them. They’re just always really far, and they’re expensive, and they’re invonvenient. The next tournament is this coming sunday, but the weigh in is the night before– so that means two trips out to the boonies just for that. The tournament itself usually lasts all morning and part of the afternoon, and usually only for about 4-5 fights that last maybe 2 minutes each. And they tend to cost 50$ or more. Sigh.

[Seisei-K] knows my name… which is frightening. He’s never called me by name in the almost 3 years that I’ve been training here. I kinda like the fact that he knows my name… makes me feel like I’ve caught his attention somehow. Even though it’s mostly for him to say things like “[Jinryu]! What is this fucking bullshit move? I didn’t teach you that!”