There’s No Subversion Without The Sacred

by Jinryu

The Dad Letters


When I was 13 years old, I stole a book called Brain Droppings by George Carlin.

Before I get too deep into the message I’m trying to convey here- don’t steal things.

I grabbed the book because it had George Carlin on the cover, who had been a staple of the public broadcasting hit known as Shining Time Station.

George Carlin George Carlin

On the cover it said the book contained such elements as comedy, nonsense, and sarcasm- all things I didn’t realize were in Carlin’s wheelhouse at the time because I hadn’t been introduced to comedy writing, stand-up, satire or anything that kids who were actually allowed to watch The Simpsons would have probably had a much better grasp on. I read it in one sitting, and to my delight, it shook up some of the societal foundations that (even at the young age of 13) I had…

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