Buying a car

by Jinryu

Been very busy of late– and surprise surprise, we are getting a car.

As [Zanshin] pointed out, I’m sort of against owning cars for various reasons– but on the other hand, I’m also for making life more livable, and I understand that compromises need to be made.

At present, the daily routine is as follows:

4:45-5:00AM: Wake up

5:10AM: [CM] and I leave the apartment. CM stands on a push scooter, and i literally do a sprint up the hill pushing her up the hill.

5:15AM: CM gets on a bus to Central, and takes the train to the hospital (between 1 and 1.25 hours away)

5:20: I scoot back to the apartment; feed the [Cat]; run the dishwasher if applicable; run the washing machine if applicable; sleep

6:30 AM: CM starts her shift.

8:00AM: I wake up from my nap.

8:15-8:30AM: I use the scooter to go to MacDonaldtown Station or Newtown station (depending on my mood)

9:00AM to 9:30AM: I arrive at work, start my day.

5:00PM to 7:00PM: I finish work

6:00-7:30PM: CM finishes work

5:30 – 7:30PM: Judo, if I finished work on time.

7:30-8:00PM; Start eating dinner

9:00PM: Sleep

… then rinse, repeat.

So part of the problem is that where we currently live, it’s really kind of inconvenient for CM. It can’t be helped at the moment, because we’re in a lease with our apartment for several more months, so can’t move to a more convenient location. Getting a car would give her back about an hour and a half of her life per day, at least. Multiply that by a week, months and a year, and it’s looking pretty good.

I don’t really like cars for the reason that I think that it warps the way that a city gets laid out– urban sprawl is one of those things that I am conceptually against.

However, I’m also of the opinion that CM and my contribution to society is enough that getting a car might be a necessary trade off. Which perhaps is a bit arrogant of me, but well, there you have it. We need a car because we get, on average, about 5-6 hours of sleep per night, and otherwise only spend about an hour per day together.

She’ll be driving to work daily. Meanwhile, I need to start taking driving lessons!