You only live once.

by Jinryu

Most people use the word “evolution” to describe a process of improvement, but usually in a way that overlooks that evolution– as Darwin described it– occured over a series of generational iterations.  You needed a creature to die off completely and for a behaviour or trait to be field tested by several generations of offspring under the current (possibly changing) conditions before you could say that a trait had evolved. The consequences here– that is to say, doom— are important.


I suppose it depends on whether or not you see yourself as the start and finish of life, or if you see yourself as merely one part of a larger organic “humanity” in general.  If it’s the former rather than the latter, then you can do as much wrong as you want– who gives a shit, right? You only live once, so the most important thing is to live the way that makes you comfortable and happy.   If it’s the latter? Well,that’s a difficult position, one that we don’t often take responsibility for.