[The Cat]

by Jinryu

, well, more like a kitten, is now 4 months old.

She fights invisible ninjas to the background music of Carole King’s Tapestry. I am convinced that either The Cat or Carole King repels visible ninjas (or some undetermined ratio of the two together), because my home has never shown any sign of visible ninjas when either is active.

I watch her doing her thing, amazed at how little I know about quadripedal biomechanics. I just got home from judo– I have a broken finger nail and another finger almost accidentally went backwards because it got caught in someone’s gi. But truth be told, it was a fun night, and as I load up the latest episode of The Strain for some mindless entertainment, I think to myself– things are going alright.

[CM] is out with her new cohort of medical interns, so I have some time to myself to chill out after a day of good work.

2015 is turning out well so far.