Christmas in Hong Kong

Had a pretty good time in Hong Kong– it’s been about 3 weeks that we’ve been here with [CM]’s parents, but now it’s time to go back to Sydney. We’ll be having dim sum with family and friends tomorrow and then taking a taxi straight to the airport for an overnight flight back.

It’ll be good to be back in our own apartment I think.


Money is going to be pretty tight for the next few months. It’s been convenient that CM’s parents have basically lodged and fed us completely during our stay here, but at the same time, it’s been difficult for us to accept handouts to this extent. It’s not in our nature.


As soon as we land in Sydney, it’s time to transfer money to the breeder for our cat– who will arrive (by plane) to us on the 30th. We’ve decided to name our cat Celty, after the headless-horsewoman character (who wears a cat-eared helmet) in the anime Durarara!!,¬†and she’ll fill all the quiet gaps in our humble apartment.


I haven’t done all that great a job of staying in shape while in HK– ¬†mostly converting muscle to fat considering my diet here! But it has been a good chance to do that periodic “reset” of my body through just plain and continuous rest.


The next big expenses are for immigration applications– once that’s out of the way (which will set me back about a month’s salary), the rest are bonus things in life: such as, an engagement ring, pet insurance, and saving for a trip back to Canada for an overdue visit to relatives.