Risks associated with coffee

by Jinryu

A couple of gunmen took over a coffee shop near my workplace in downtown Sydney (Australia) a couple of hours ago. It’s still going on. Every person in the coffee shop is now a hostage. On last reports, some of them were being forced to hold up a flag with some sort of Islamic message on it.

If I were in Sydney right now, there’d be a sizable chance that I might be actually in the area of that coffee shop, if not already in that coffee shop, because it’s the usual place that my co-workers and I go for hot chocolate. It’s also at the time of the morning when we would normally be looking for coffee.

It’s the Lindt cafe at Martin Place.

Luckily for me, I’m on vacation on Hong Kong with [CM]’s family. And by whatever stroke of luck, my coworker was going to a different coffee shop that day– she was trying to go to the area when the police had begun to barricade the area off. If she’d been a bit earlier and done the usual routine, she might be a hostage at this point.