Good luck is the result of hard work

by Jinryu

but that’s not entirely the whole story.

We’re “all equal under heaven” as the saying goes, and bad luck is just bad luck. When it happens, it happens, and when it’s bad, it’s bad, and there’s nothing much you can do about it.

I was just thinking about this in the context of what’s going on in Martin Place.

When I was still living in Montreal (1.0), I used to work at a hospital near my old college (CEGEP). I often went to my old college area because of the nearby mall to eat lunch, and the nice greenery around the college itself to sit around some trees in the shade– and around that time too, if the timing was different by a few minutes this way or that way, I might have been dragged into the Dawson College Shootings.

I’m not going to bring up gun debate laws, but I am somewhat disturbed that twice in my life now, these sorts of things have happened in areas that overlap with my normal daily activities.

I’m not sure if it means that the world as I know it (being from context of someone who has always lived in a first world country, with a Western upbringing)  is becoming a more dangerous place, of if the illusion of safety is being challenged. Either way, we live in interesting times.