by Jinryu

Grab bag of small quick updates.

Working two separate jobs in executive positions is a real energy drain. I feel like by the time I finish my day at either one , I have no creativity or initiative left. It is normal, I think , to take a certain amount of thoughts from the workplace home with you and think about what the next steps are for the next morning. But doing this at two places? Its kind of killing me slowly.

That being said, [the Institute] has been a great learning experience in corporate work. It has been very similar public hospital work, but the differences have been illuminating. They’ve also changed the way I handle business at [the Firm].

Regardless, I will be relieved when end of October comes and my contract with the Institute comes to an end. I just don’t have enough energy to push two organisations at once.

I think I is apt that I started playing Dark Souls II on PS3, which [CM] bought me as a birthday gift.  It is the perfect game to play after a day of work .

I haven’t been to judo in over a month on account of a knee injury. It is probably fine to judo with now, but I’m hesitant. My confidence in my body is starting to diminish a bit, and it is aggravating to day the least. I need to find some other form of burning calories until I decide to get back into it.

On the plus side, I was granted a Bridging Visa yesterday, which means that I’m more or less on my way to a Graduate Visa . this is a good thing: it means I don’t get deported from Australia ! The next step is to apply for permanent residency.

I gave my Nexus 4 away to my parents, and got myself a Nexus 5. Also, an LG G Android Wear watch. Just for the fun of it. Its not an iPhone 6, and that’s fine– all the recent media about ridiculous lineups and the discovery that the new iPhone bends is just … Well, they’re just kind of amazing when you consider the price ticket on it.