by Jinryu

I’m going to say something crazy.
Sometimes I miss the pure freedom of being a mid twenties loser with nothing in my pocket but my passport and a sense of nihilistic desperation.
That’s crazy, right?
This is better.

I totally enjoy spending hours filling out forms about my last 10 years of globetrotting
And all my odd jobs since the beginning of time
From my cubicle
My warm, cozy cubicle


I’ve been filling out applications for my Australian Graduate Visa for the past two weeks.  I don’t think it’s normally that complicated a thing; it’s just that I have a particular work and travel history that makes things rather troublesome.

The main difficult parts are that you have to provide specific dates for addresses that you have lived at, all travel you’ve done in the last decade, all jobs you’ve held since you were born, and all schools you’ve attended since the beginning of time. Curiously enough, trolling through my digital records, it seems that I really only came online and had a real online presence in the mid 200s.  Much of my digital history, especially all those MSN conversations and emails, were lost with two email accounts that are now defunct.

[CM] doesn’t have as long a work history as I do, with a handful combined of paid and unpaid jobs.  But for me, I’ve held over two dozen jobs in the last thirty years somehow.  And while my travel list for the last decade includes something like 30 entries, CM’s is about double that.  It gets even more complicated because although I’ve vacationed internationally, in which case the form doesn’t require specific addresses, CM has actually lived internationally on a semi-permanent basis.  Keeping track of all those postal codes becomes very much impossible– even nowadays, she has trouble remembering the postal code of the place we currently live at.


The next step in our lives is some sense of permanence.  We want to start settling down.  We want to stop moving from city to city, not knowing what comes next.  This will all be possible


We’re going to make it official in January by buying a cat.