Capsules in Time

by Jinryu

As part of the requirements for a Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485), I have to prove that [CM] and I have been in a relationship for at least a year in order to include her as my de facto.  It’s all really about evidence.  It also asks me about every job I’ve ever worked, every country I’ve ever been to, and every home I’ve had for the past decade. So for a few hours every day, I’ve been trawling through old digital records of my life, and making copies for the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship to scrutinise.


It’s a strange feeling, going through my life. Eerily enough, it seems that my blog, combined with my email account, is the master index of all evidence that I ever walked this planet.

And it’s all been memorialised, digitally.  Plane tickets.  Photographs.  Instant messaging backups.  Electricity bills.  eBay receipts.  Even the dead silences between datestamps before replies with certain people– it’s all there, if you look at it.