by Jinryu

I’ve undergone siginificant professional changes in the last month.  Ever since I got my work at the educational institute, we’ve also moved to a new office at the employment law firm– which means that not only am I taking on new responsibilities as I learn the ropes at a new job, but at my “old job” I’m now in a position to change the way we do business because now there’s room and capacity for improvement.

It’s an exciting time really, but interestingly enough, most of these changes have very little to do with me being a law school graduate. I  mean, those were the inroads to get these jobs in the first place– but the kinds of skills that I’m developing are often not lawyerly related.

They’re corporate skills.


Things like public relations, business development, marketing.  I’ve been on educational faculty boards before, but it’s quite different to the feel of a corporate board room.  It’s good in some ways, annoying in others.