by Jinryu

I’m at a point in my life where my work, all of it, is pretty interesting. It is a 6 day work week, but I enjoy all the work at both of my jobs because it’s challenging.  I feel like I’m getting things done that only I can do, and that sense of place in the world makes me feel good.


It’s a gradual process, but this good feeling is a conversion from the sheer terror and paranoia of being new at any job.  It’s not that I’ve mastered everything yet, but that initial revulsion and the growing pains have mostly passed, and now I can focus on the learning and skills building instead of my emotional gag reflex.




We’re moving into new workpalce for the employment law firm.  The new office space is literally 10 times larger than the old one.  Exciting times– I will have my own space, which will be my desk and not just a hot-seat at a desk!  I will even have my own drawers to put my shit in.

Truly, I am  moving up in the world.