Professional Responsibility and Sex Discrimination in the Workplace

by Jinryu

The song stuck in my head, although I have no music playing, is Closing Time. Mostly because it’s way past closing time (it now being 4AM) but I’m still awake.  Unfortunately, no, I’m not drinking– I woke up in the middle of the night unable to sleep, so here I am doing prep work for my role-playing exam tomorrow, where I have to act as a professional responsibility consultant and as an employment lawyer.

Thing is, after you read enough cases, even when you get a ridiculously outlandish scenario which is supposed to be hypothetical, you know deep down that it’s actually based on real cases and, not only that, but that these things happen more often than is caught on by authorities.

For example, the scenarios I’ll be examined on tomorrow involve situations where bad lawyers are overcharing clients, lying about the law, and strong-arming members of the publics with threats of jail time which are essentially untrue. Another scenario deals with employers who discriminate against women returning after maternity leave, refusing to reinstate their former responsibilities, positions, and pay.

All of this stuff seems obvious. And clear cut.  Yet people do bad things all the time– probably simply because they can, and they don’t think they’ll get caught, or they simply don’t even think about getting caught.  Perhaps the default position for a person’s mentality is that they have the liberty to do whatever they want unless they feel their own personal moral compass nagging.



The professional responsibility and employment law exams tomorrow are my last role-play examinations.  Thursday, I’ll have a normal final exam for Corporate law, and then that’s it– assuming I pass everything, I’ll be eligible to apply for practicing license in August.