Watch your Six

by Jinryu

I started watching The Walking Dead recently.  I’m now on season 2.  I know this show has been out for a long time, but I never got around to watching it even though I’ve read most of the comic books.

The thing that annoys the shit out of me with this series is how dumb characters are– but I’m not sure if it’s the series itself, or it’s simply indicative of how dumb people are in general.

First of all– if you’re aware that there are flesh eating zombies, not just around, but everywhere, maybe you should pay more attention to your surroundings?  The number of people who get bitten by surprise because they’re not watching their blindspots is ludicrous– but probably believable.


I was just thinking about how many people stand so close to the edge of sidewalks here in Sydney, and then don’t keep their eye on oncoming traffic.  You won’t see people in Montreal doing that, because Montrealers probably know to some extent that cars slipping on black ice can and have run into curbs, and injured people in the process.  People have also been knocked in the face by buses’ side-view mirrors.

Sydney though? I don’t get it– why people here just turn their backs on things and have no practical appreciation for safety.