Night Shift

by Jinryu

[CM] is going to be doing her first night shift tonight.  Should be interesting for her.

When I used to work overnights in Montreal for the Emergency department, nights were a completely different place.  Substantively, medicine is medicine whether it’s night or day– but for administrators like what I used to be, the main difference is logistics and operations.  Most departments are closed at night, so the name of the game is you use what you’ve got.  It also tends to be a smaller department, because given that hospitals at the time were understaffed during the day even, it’s no wonder that it would operate by  a skeleton crew at night.  That was nice in it’s own way– it means that you work more closely with the overnight staff and get to know people better.  There’s also a lot more time to be taught the tricks of the trade.


CM isn’t working in Emergency tonight, but rather, obstetrics and gynecology. Apparently, it’s one of the departments that never slows down– mostly because you never know when someone is going to pop a baby out.  Those babies don’t wait for anyone, apparently.

She has been telling me lately how she wants to have kids someday, which is fine by me– originally, I was the one who wanted kids and she was super hesitant.  It’s totally beyond me what exactly made her change her mind– she’s been assisting at deliveries for about a week now and all you hear from her is like “it tears THIS MUCH and there is so much blood!!!” And she’s talking about both vaginal and Caesarian births.  I mean, I’ve got a strong stomach and I’ve seen a lot of gory things before, so these kinds of stories don’t bother me. But I’m just rather surprised that after going through a week of that department so far that she would start leaning towards having children (plural) rather than totally be put off by it.

Women fundamentally are illogical.