by Jinryu

Time: 8:00 AM

Music: whatever the hell is playing while I’m on hold with Bank of Montreal, so far for 30 minutes, interspersed with some bullshit about how my call is important to them.




 A few days ago, our freezer’s door on the refrigerator wasn’t closed properly, so most of the upper compartment defrosted over the span of several hours.  When [CM] came home after a long day at the hospital looking for food, when she opened the freezer door and moved something, she was literally hit by a wave of icy cold water when she dislodged some food.

“This is the last straw,” she messaged me on my phone.

That fridge has been giving us headaches for some time now.  The hinges on the doors mainly– the doors don’t close automatically with as much force as they used to, so we’ve had a few instances of surprises where things were just no longer cold on account of the door being ajar.  It’s a second hand fridge to begin with– or third hand, if you really think about it– so I used a quick workaround to help the doors close: boosting the front of the fridge by putting about an inch of paper under the front legs of it, so that it tilts backwards.  Worked for a while, but it turns out that the fridge doors are actually off alignment, so although the shut automatically, the seal isn’t always flush.

Aside from being on the phone (calling over the internet from Sydney to Montreal) to cancel my Mastercard back home, I am thus waiting for our new fridge to be delivered.  Because the old one, well, he’s just not worth the headache anymore.

It’s not cheap to get a new fridge– the new one is costing us $600+.  It’s not the kind of money that we throw around easily, but if it saves us the headaches and wasted food, it’ll pay itself off eventually.  The old fridge also has a shameful one-star energy rating.  I’m not sure what the actual numbers translate to, but the new one is 3.5 stars.  (The 4 or 5 star fridges cost over $1000 and we simply can’t justify that cost at this point in our lives).  So I’ll feel a little bit better knowing the new one is a lot more environmentally friendly, even though I’m suspicious that energy stars are actually just some airy fairy green sticker meant to be clever marketing.




Once the fridge gets in, it’s off to School– need to study for an exam tonight.  Well, maybe not “study.” More like “learn,” since I haven’t read the materials for this exam at all yet.

Working full time hours and doing an online course that is meant to be full time, with a thesis– it’s kind of a difficult juggle.  I get away with the online courses because it’s a pass/fail certification (your actual grades don’t matter too much).  It kind of pains me to do the bare minimum, but I’m being very mercenary about my time lately– I just want my certification so that I can apply for my lawyer’s practicing certificate, so I can move up to a solicitor’s salary.

This means that I’m making the tough decisions in life. Deciding what’s important, and what’s not important.  Turns out that right now, education isn’t very important– but certification is.  So I’m doing the bare minimum to hand in assignments and pass exams, even though as a former educator, that kind of attitude from students used to drive me fucking nuts.  I feel bad for my teachers haven’t to correct my work.

But it’s what I need to do.




I hear a lot of people talk about entitlement to education, and how education is important.  I agree and disagree with the concept, but the distinction stems from a lot of assumptions we make about the definition of “education.”  More on that in a later post– I need to try and figure out this exam first.