While on the subject of technique,

by Jinryu

the main thing that I appreciate about, well, things, is intricacy.

Techniques are what make an activity intricate.  Little things that are necessary for the macro-existence of the whole.  Customisation is what brings uniqueness and relevance.


I haven’t been to judo in about two weeks, but while on the cruise, I went to the gym daily.  Sometimes twice in a day.   Although I did put on quite a few pounds (due to the 24 free food services), I specifically intended to spend a lot of time working out.  It’s part of the whole plan to reconfigure my body.

This is the third day back from the cruise, and I can see that my body fat is starting to drop– I can see my abs again, and I’m back to using the worn notches on my belts rather than the next ones down.  Looking in the mirror, a week of gymming and eating like a tyranosaurus has actually helped me even out my upper body quite a bit.

I can see why a lot of people love gymming for this reason– with some willpower, there is a lot to be enjoyed fro the technical aspects of sculpting your own body to the way you want it to be.  Alas, gymming was just a temporary thing for me.  I’m not really into it, and all the time on the boat I spent in there was just a means to an end.

Mostly, the workouts were make me more rounded for grapling.  This meant a lot of work on all parts of my chronically injured rotator cuffs.


In looking at myself in the mirror in my apartment, I can see that there are some changes that have occured after a week of working out and eating.  My trapezius, deltoids and pecs are noticibly larger.  Well, that, and my gut– there’s a hella lot of fat stored there, but that’s going down.  I haven’t weighed myself, but compared to the 70kg when I left, I’m guessing I’m probably in the 75kg range right now.  When I lose all the fat I’ll probably settle down to about 72kg, and after another month I’ll probably settle in at about 71kg.

I specifically trained certain other muscles less, because while there are certainly areas that I want to increase stability in, there are other areas of my body that I want to reduce muscle stregth in order to get a better balance.  For example, I have been working to increase strength in my gluttes, while reducing reliance on my hamstrings, which is one of the ways that I’m addressing occasional pain and instability in my right knee.

The whole point of the gymming was to take an intensive kickstart to reconstructing my shoulders.  Normally, during judo, there’s only so much work I can do on my shoulders because fatigue is what invites injury during training.  With my shoulders more rounded now, I’ll be able to maintain a wider and heavier range of operation in judo, which will raise my base output.

I guess you can think of it like defragging a hard disk.


Tonight is the first time I go back to judo in two weeks.  The white belts that I was working with so intensively for the past three months prior are now probably all yellow belts.