Thesis Writing

by Jinryu

Just had a meeting with my thesis supervisor– the word count is getting there, but the structure of the whole thing needs major work.  With only about two weeks to go, this is going to be a consierable challenge I think.


The prof asked me: “Did you go to school in North America?”

Because apparently, Australian school systems do a lot more work throughout high school about how to write effectively.  I can probably agree with that– I don’t really remember doing classes teaching us how to write.  We probably had something back in grade 7 or something?


I do remember thinking that two of my best teachers were in CEGEP, and I thought they were the best teachers because they essentially told me that my paper writing styles were shit– whereas all other teachers gave me B+ or higher grades for everything.  It turns out that a lot of teachers don’t even write well or just had low standards, so I had developed a style of fluff before substance.

Actually, when I really think about it, a lot of the problems in my formal writing probably stem from the bad habits that I’ve gotten from blogging so much.


Just an observation– but this professor basically told me that my thesis, as it is now, is basically kinda of shitty because of really poor technique.  A teacher hasn’t told me that in years. And in fact, even at my current law firm, my boss has highest praises for me for my writing skills.

It’s not often that I get to butt heads with someone who is actually teaching me new writing techniques (as opposed to just teaching me the content of a subject). 

I’m somewhat looking forward to bleeding for this thesis now.