by Jinryu

I have the afternoon off.  I just got out of a 45-minute thesis meeting where my professor kindly pointed out that my current draft is shit.  As I mentioned, I’m not totally worried– it’s a work in progress and it’s to be expected of a rough draft of something of that size.  But I have some time to sit down and just type for once, and it feels nice to get back to it.

For some reason, I always feel better typing at full sized keyboards and full sized screens.  I mean, real keyboards with button keys.  I can’t stand the feedback of the increasingly prevalent low-altitude “pannel” keys on new keyboards, it makes me feel like I’m typing on a calculator. 


It’s a modest number, but when logging into WordPress today, I was given a notification that apparently, I have 100 readers.



I’m kind of surprised, is all.  Not that I don’t have you readers in the back of my mind when I write, but this blog has always been more about me than anything else.  I didn’t expect that a hundred people would care.

I’m a bit surprised because I’ve only actually been on WordPress for a short while– I’m originally a refugee from Xanga, before that place went batshit insane.  And even when I had my Xanga, a lot of that was imported from a previous blog I had on Blogger.



Hmm… looking back, this WordPress site now has the largest collection of my thoughts in one space.  I didn’t even realise that I had iported all my bloggings from as far back as 2005… that’s almost a decade!  Time flies.



I will continue to write as if you (plural) are  not there though, just so that I can keep talking to myself the way I do when I think nobody is listening.

Nothing special to say here.  Thank you for reading.  I now re-establish the fourth wall.