Scissors versus Rock

by Jinryu

When you can’t win with the facts, win with the law

When you can’t win with power, win with strategy

When you can’t win with technique, win with tenacity


Of course, these aren’t rock-paper scissors scenarios– largely, these are saying that even scissors can beat a rock if you have a large enough pair of scissors!

There are a lot of these situations where you’re simply not good at something.  This applies to all facets of life.  There are always going to be methods of doing things that you’re not good at– but you can get better at things, or you can use your other strengths in the meantime.

Without meaning to brag, I’m generally a pretty good public speaker if I’m given license to manage the room how I want.  Speaking in legal contexts is a bit different– I’m not in control of the room, I’m directing the attention and understanding of a judge, which means that there’s a whole formalised system of how I do that. So I still have a lot to learn in this regard.

But where I fall short of confidence in standing up and speaking at hearings, I make up for it in what I do have as good, transferrable skills to the situation.  I’m great at research; nobody organises documentation like I do; and I can stare right back at anybody with a perfect poker face.


So that’s where I put my effort in, until the areas in which I am found wanting get better.


I just don’t understand the people who don’t try on any front.




If one is going to engage in something, why not do it well?

Why shoot oneself in the foot by undertaking to do something that one doesn’t want to do well?

I’m not saying that you have to be an Olympian, a Valedictorian, or the Survivor.  What I am saying is that effort is an indicator of pride in one’s work.

All those feelings that people get related to low-self esteem? I can probably guess that that has something to do with not knowing what one wants.

I think that if you know what you want, then it’s a lot easier to put things in black and white and grey– it’s a lot easier to be focused to to know who you by categorising or qualifying the world around you in terms of your objectives.  That sense of place, a space where you exist in relation to everything else, is where we derive self-esteem from.