World of Adults

by Jinryu

[CM] has been having a hard time lately, due to upcoming decisions regarding what to do when med school is over. The situation is that there just aren’t enough placements for med school graduates to continue their professional trianing– they need a hospital to work at, but there aren’t enough hospitals with spaces for them, and they get last dibs over hospitals.  First, local students are guaranteed spots– then New Zealanders.  Then international students.


Which is a funny way of doing it– I meant, giving last pick to the group of students who are essentially paying enough to fund the entire med school?


And by last pick, it’s not really a pick per se.

It’s a a merits based application process for rural hostpitals in the middle of godless rural locations (where you are unlikely to receive any quality training, not to mention that you’re, well, in the middle of nowhere).  If you apply for rural positions and are actually given one, you are banned from applying to the city positions.

City positions are in super short supply for international students– this part is done by lottery. Like, 400 graduates come out of the med school– but only about 100 are projected to get spots in the city You do the math.


Which pretty much is why I think higher education is a huge scam.  The only ones who don’t think so are the ones who are lucky.


I should add that the extra problem is that the highest chances of me finding full time quality lawyerwing work will be here in the city– her going after a rural placement just to hedge her bets might mean that we have to do 2 years of long distance, seeing eachother only on weekends at most.  There’s just nothing out there in the boonies in terms of lawyering work.


And long distance?  That’s kind of a shitty way to live.

So one of us is going to have to decide to give up substntial professional chances for the other just so we can be together.


ANd for the record, I don’t think that couples who matter should be doing long distance for years.  That’s bullshit.