Work Hard, Play Harder

by Jinryu

Following on the last post, I should point out that I recently bought a Playstation Vita for [CM] and myself. Because I’ve been rather busy though, [CM] has been playing it mostly.

I think that compared to any other systems, that is to say, Microsoft or Nintendo, Sony really is good at providing a full package experience.  The PS Vita has some nifty features that interact logically and innovatively with the PS3– for example, you can move data back and forth (such as applicable games and other downloads) with no problems.  Remote Play allows you to play some PS3 games on your Vita, which is pretty cool too.


Mostly, I’m impressed by how PSN plus just provides you with a great gaming experience.  The titles aren’t the most cutting edge when it comes to the “free stuff library,” however, the free stuff library generally has many of the top games of the past year.  And if you want to buy other games, there’s usually at least some discount over the shelf price.  Which is a huge boon– game prices in Australia are nuts compared to North America, so having a North American PSN account to buy digital content at North American prices? That’s just great. 

None of this bullshit archaic region-locked content like with the Nintendo 3DS.


Right now, we’re playing Persona 4 Golden.  Which so far is every bit as good, and overal better, than Persona 3 Portable (aka Shin Megami Tensei 3).  


Do you use PSN? Drop me word with your gamer account ID!