by Jinryu

I’m doing fulltime work as a paralegal for a previous teacher at the law school, who runs her own employment law practice.  It’s not a long-term thing (I a working as a paralegal / interim office manager, not as a solicitor) but at least it’s relatively steady hours.  I was originally hired on a casual basis at the end of 2013, but I’ve only actually worked here one day back then.  It just so happens that the other paralegal and the full-time office manager recently left the practice, so that’s more hours for me.


It’s a pretty good gig so far– pretty flexible work arrangements.  The work isn’t too tough, it’s interesting, and a lot less menial than what I was doing at the German law firm in the past.  I also get paid more than I used to with the Germans, which is a plus.  It’s a 25 minute bus ride from my apartment to the office, so that’s also a plus.

Unfortunately I normally finish work a bit late, as in, around 6pm.  That means that I won’t be able to go to judo for the foreseeable future.


Meanwhile, I wait on 7 or so applications that I completed a few weeks ago, and have a trusts accounting exam tomorrow.  


So busy.