by Jinryu

Yesterday, [CM] and I went to play badminton together with some friends of hers.  It was the first time either of us had picked up a racket in probably half a year.


I was a bit surprised, but it seems that my right ankle can’t handle the stress of badminton movements anymore.  I sprained it pretty badly back in October during an in-house judo competition, and I thought it was more or less in fine condition– but it seems that although it’s okay for judo movements, it’s not quite up to the task of badminton footwork.  It’s my right ankle (my leading ankle, since I’m right handed).

Doing a split step is fine, nothing special going on there.  But I can’t burst off my right foot– so that means smash defense on my backhand side and anything that requires 3 quick steps isn’t all that great.  It’s a bit annoying.  It also makes smashing and clearing a bit difficult, because my foot isn’t supporting the torquing of my hips.

On the plus side, my shoulder (right) seems perfectly fine, even after the rotator cuff tear last year.

It wasn’t a huge deal because [CM] and I were playing againt relatively new players, so I never really needed to run very much.  But I’m a bit annoyed that my ankle can’t withstand supporting my movements, and as I mentioned, I was a bit surprised that this was so– I thought the weakest link would have been my knee actually.  

I’m also a bit annoyed because I think my agility is actually (or, was actually) one of my best features in badminton.


In any case, the people we were playing with were pretty low rank, so I was able to still pull off a lot without having to do more than walking around the court.



Things that bother me when playing with beginners:

  • when they don’t know how to position themselves on the court
  • people who don’t call birds (“Yours!” or “Mine!” / “Got it!”)
  • people who keep looking backwards to see what their partner is doing, or who don’t duck after letting a bird go behind them to their partner (this is a good way to get hit in the eye)

Mind you, I don’t hold it against beginners for being beginners.  It’s just what makes me less inclined to play with them, because  it’s dangerous– either I’m being offered up to get smashed in the face, or they’re likely to clash rackets with me.


Badminton is still badminton though, and it’s nice to play again after so much time with the rackets under the bed.